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Robert Sacca

experienced IT professional
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Results driven public and private sector technical leadership with 24 years successful experience delivering IT solutions to drive company growth and increase mission effectiveness while realizing cost efficiencies.

Recognizes the business value of digital thread & able to leverage data driven strategies.

Began the IT phase of career by leading efforts to define data sets for large mail marketing companies.

Moved into Oracle database administration and later into ERP technical management and general IT Leadership.

10 years experience directing GE Corporate resources in IT management from all areas of application delivery. Currently providing transitional direction and organization management for PwC Insourced Solutions for Tax. Additionally providing direction for several IT shared service units.

A Strategic problem solver with demonstrated proficiency in:

  • Data management and governance
  • Cloud Transformation
  • Talent management and development
  • Reporting, strategic planning
  • Budgeting
  • Complex program management

Skills & abilities

IT Leadership
Cloud Transformation
Data as an Asset
Data Strategies
Database Administration
Reporting & Analytics

My Specialities

IT Leadership

Experienced IT Strategist & Solution Architect

Cloud Transformation

Orchestration of cloud infrastructures and strategic application migration.

Data Management

Maximizing the value add of data.

Enterprise Architecture

Cloud management & organizational IT solutioning.

Employment History & Education

Aug 2017 - Present Director - Information Technology Price Waterhouse Coopers llc (PwC) - Insourced Solutions for Tax, Albany, NY, US
Sept 2014 - June 2017 Director - Architecture Digital Technology GE Digital, Schenectady, NY, US
Oct 2007 - Sept 2014 Sr. Lead Data Technology GE Digital, Schenectady, NY, US
Jan 2004 - Dec 2006 Senior Consultant - Information Technology Computer Technology Services, Guilderland, NY, US

Language skills


Hobbies & Interests

  • Music
  • Film
  • Travel

9 years of GE Leadership

Look at their opinions!
You have been instrumental in helping the Bot Army team in demonstrating value and providing us with great VoC on how to deliver a true Enterprise Cloud Automation solution. We would not be where we are without your buy in and active participation. You truly reflect what teams of team is all about. Thanks!!
Tom Martinez General Electric
After working many years in the IT businesses with many different managers, I can say with confidence that you have been the best. You have managed to combine true leadership and consistent guidance for us all while allowing team members to have an appropriate amount of autonomy. Not an easy trick – but you’ve mastered it.
Robert Rice General Electric
Thank you for your expertise and support with the Oracle DB Discovery data gathering to support Capital SW Gov team with the ULA this year. Appreciate you stepping in to turn the data around for us! You Rock!
Jenna Charalambous General Electric
Your expertise and support during the Oracle ULA declaration has been very much appreciated!!! The latest Oracle OEM tool which you recently provided has pushed us into a new league making our work & validation easier within Corporate and those supported businesses. Again, hats off to you! Glad I've had the opportunity to work with someone that is on the ball, professional & detailed enough to get us through one of the toughest software discovery processes. I'm a Bob Sacca fan!
Kellie Flanigan General Electric
Blog Posts
October 2016

Data Sovereignty & Cloud Migration

The value proposition of cloud computing is highly compelling. The cloud offers rapid provisioning of low cost compute resources, decreased burden of capital expenditures and geographically dispersed workloads.

Many global companies are eager to shift and often leap forward with migration projects only to be blocked when jurisdictional compliance rules for data are encountered. Shifting cloud strategies to address data sovereignty requirements can result in unplanned additional investments.

Data sovereignty regulations can complicate the delivery model that has made cloud computing attractive, presenting new concerns for companies operating in multiple countries. It’s often assumed that some workloads cannot leverage the benefits of the cloud without being impacted by jurisdictional concerns, so it helps to understand how best to address the issues of jurisdiction and computing across geographical borders in a way that supports varied demands from different applications.

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August 2015

Technical Debt…A Fickle Mistress

It is not uncommon for IT leadership to loose awareness of the true cost of application ownership.

Financial challenges and budget constraints make easy targets out of any effort that is not delivering immediate results.As teams look at ways to become more resilient, it is important to consider what factors may have resulted in any shortcomings in terms of resiliency to begin with.

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April 2014

Data Leadership and the “Internet of Things”

Content is the blood that flows through the internet’s veins.

My first taste of the internet was when I had an Intel 386 based PC. I discovered that I can use my super-fast phone modem to access content that did not live on my hard drive. With the help of MS Windows 386, and a dial up connection to “CompuServe”, I was reading text base feeds and downloading GIF files to proudly display on my new EGA monitor. I was no longer constrained by content coming from floppy drives and my world started to move past playing “Leisure Suite Larry”.

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May 2014

Data Darwinism – Evolving the IT Development Paradigm

Data asset-based strategies must be reliable, repeatable, and produce beneficial results that are well beyond their costs.

Typically, organizations derive their IT strategy based on known business need at a given point in time. Applications are created to provide answers to specific questions. When I first learned IT, we started with some basic linear programming languages…Basic, Fortran, etc. Task #1 was to create a logic flow diagram. At some point in time, developers realized that many of the code pieces and parts can be reused both within the current process as well as by other processes. Instead of programming in a straight line, they began conditionally looping. When they noticed that the sub-processes that were being called would also work for other programs, they developed reusable classes and object orientation.

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October 2018

A CIO Primer for Cloud Transformation Strategy

Many presentations extol the advantages of CapEx vs OpEx. Also, we read white papers and articles explaining the benefits of transforming the footprint of IT at the business level. This often results in the assumption that ANY strategy of dumping the data center in favor of cloud services, will be a substantial win.

To begin developing a strategy for application migration to the cloud, the first step is determining what the businesses commitment and/or capability to commit to the effort. Basically, the amount of resources (Time, cost, quality) that they can provide measured against the point of diminishing return.

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