September 2016 - Cloud Bot Analytics

Applications set to have their instances active when not in use still incur use charges from the cloud vendor. The SleeperBot is an automated solution facilitating instance shutdown during hours when they may not be needed.

The SleeperBot Analytics Dashboard serves the purpose of identifying systems that may benefit from SleeperBot functionality, but are not optimally scheduled.
The main grid displays different sized cloud icons representing individual applications of varying numbers of cloud servers. The user reviews the available parameters that may be set to display the desired information, and sets them according to the desired perspective.

Controls can be adjusted to display the desired schedule setting, date ranges and CPU Utilization limits. The user has the ability to hover over any individual application "cloud" to see more granular details. For even more detail, click to drill down to individual instance utilization data.

Main Dash Display

Various KPI are selectable from a slider to analyze trends and determine which instances may be appropriate for different SleeperBot schedule options.

To produce this dashboard 4 distinct technologies were used.